Latest News - Month: July 2018

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    BREXIT consequences for UK Import/Export volume

    With March 2019 now in sight, there are so many aspects of the BREXIT process which remain very uncertain. With no decision made, there is an obvious assumption that there will be an impact on Import/Export volume between EU countries and the UK, which will have consequences on the transport industry as well. Arguably, restrictions […]

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    How can YAK Logistics Europe help you and your business?

    Haulage is something that many people and businesses rely upon across Europe, but can be a frustrating, time-consuming process to find a shipping solution for your needs – not to mention highly expensive should anything go wrong. YAK Logistics Europe presents a new approach to fight these problems, offering European full and part load transportation. […]

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    How to Reduce Part Load or Empty Load Journeys

    Currently, around 26% of journeys carried out by haulage firms throughout Europe are part loads or empty loads. A part load or empty load seriously impacts on profits because a matching load could not be found for the vehicle, and has a serious environmental impact with unnecessary carbon emissions. Furthermore, empty or part loaded trucks […]