With March 2019 now in sight, there are so many aspects of the BREXIT process which remain very uncertain.

With no decision made, there is an obvious assumption that there will be an impact on Import/Export volume between EU countries and the UK, which will have consequences on the transport industry as well. Arguably, restrictions on the free movement of people may also affect this activity as it will affect the entire supply chain.

But what will the repercussions be? The government is keen to protect ‘just in time processes’ by creating a Free Trade Area for goods. It sees that a frictionless border without customs and regulatory checks as a key part of the recent ‘white paper’ and that actually goods and services should sit side by side.

We have seen recent pictures threatening what can only be described as ‘truck parks’ at port, with vehicles queueing for import and export clearance. Whilst this type of scare-mongering is not necessarily helpful, we can only continue to debate of process until clarification has been given.

However much the government plans to streamline this important part of our supply chain, it is inevitable that there will certainly be process changes and possible that this may impact on transit times. The key to the BREXIT decisions, are actually how big of an impact will we see and how much time businesses will receive to change such processes.

Click below to download a copy of the governments BREXIT Whitepaper ‘THE FUTURE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN THE UNITED KINGDOM AND THE EUROPEAN UNION’.