Haulage is something that many people and businesses rely upon across Europe, but can be a frustrating, time-consuming process to find a shipping solution for your needs – not to mention highly expensive should anything go wrong.

YAK Logistics Europe presents a new approach to fight these problems, offering European full and part load transportation. Whether you are a customer looking to make a part or full load shipment or a carrier looking to cut down on time that is often wasted in the process of finding a new load. By matching the right shipment with the right vehicle, YAK Logistics Europe cuts down on the lengthy process of finding a solution by yourself, saving you time and money.

How it works is that a customer with either a full or part load destined within Europe will post the details of the shipment – date, collection and delivery addresses and the like – as well as a price for the shipment on the YAK site or using the YAK smartphone app. The app also allows you to keep track of precisely where your shipment is on its journey to its destination, for better peace of mind.

Carriers do much the same, posting the details of their availability, vehicle capacity and location on the website or app. YAK Logistics Europe’s advanced digital intelligence systems help to ensure that the maximum efficiency and value is given to all parties.

At this point, shipments and vehicles appear on the map – vehicles can be clicked and dragged onto a shipment and this can be done by either the customer looking to make the shipment or by a carrier.

From here, go onto enter the finer details, such as; whether cargo insurance is required. Simply select the commodity, add the value and the premium will be added to your booking. Perhaps you require import or export clearance? The YAK Logistics website and app allows you to enter the applicable details and all relevant processes will be completed on your behalf.

For a visual demonstration of how the YAK Logistics app and website works to connect customers and carriers, be sure to watch our helpful explainer video: