YAK Logistics Europe members instantly have access to eCMR allowing real time tracking and instant communication channels, saving time and costs whilst making the transport altogether more efficient.

Create your CMR


Once the initial transport is agreed; as a Shipper you will be required to enter all of the shipment detail via the YAK portal. As a haulage partner you will confirm vehicle registrations and estimated collection and delivery times. We will then hold the relevant data and attach collection, driver and delivery signatories and the relevant point within the supply chain. eCMR updates will be shared instantly with all relevant parties

Sign your eCMR (YAK Logistics app)


The YAK Logistics mobile application has been developed to provide easy instant access to key supply chain information throughout the end to end transport process.

With the YAK mobile app you have the ability to:
• View and sign eCMR information
• Amend quantities where required
• Add remarks/comments relevant to the shipment
• Sign for receipt of goods
• Add comments and photos relating to the shipment
• Amend language accordingly

Benefits of eCMR


The eCMR provides many opportunities to streamline your supply chain processes and communicates with users in real-time.

By using the YAK platform:
• You will have instant visibility to eCMR documents throughout the transport process
• You will reduce administrative costs associated with managing and tracking documentation
• You will have the opportunity to improve invoicing times drastically

Use of eCMR


eCMR is not available in all countries, and whilst the number of participating territories evolves, YAK Logistics Europe will continue to update accordingly
Click here for a list of countries which have signed the e-protocol.

Where eCMR is not available, the process remains the same but the haulage partner simply takes a photo of the signed CMR to back up the physical copy.


YAK Logistics eCMR